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Funding for Nottm Judoka 2016
Nottingham Judo is running the athlete funding initiative again in 2016 to assist both beginners and advanced Nottinghamshire judoka with progressing on their chosen judo pathway.

Funding for Nottingham Judoka
Nottingham Judo has launched a new initiative to assist both beginners and advanced Nottinghamshire judoka by providing funding to assist them on their chosen judo pathway.

New Online Entry System Launched!
Due to the large number of events organised by Nottinghamshire Judo each year the committee decided to commission work on a new online entry system.

Notts Judo Invests in Coaches
In 2014 Nottinghamshire Judo would like to invest more in the coaches that run our clubs and support our events in Nottinghamshire.

2013 Nottingham Open - Entry List
On Sunday 9 June Nottinghamshire Judo will be holding the 2013 Nottingham Open at the Nottingham Wildcats Arena, Greenwood Road, Nottingham NG3 7EB.

Six medals in Belgium
Nottinghamshire Judo Squad produced an eye-catching six-medal haul at the Judo Soeverein Cup on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th April against some of the continent\'s brightest judoka in Lommel, Belgium.

Notts Medal Haul at Bev Price
Nottinghamshire Judo bagged a medal haul at the Bev Price Team Championships that were held in Walsall on Sunday 27 November. The five teams representing Nottinghamshire returned with one team Gold, one Silver and three Bronzes.

British Champs Entry List
On Sunday 9 October Nottinghamshire Judo will be hosting the 2011 British Championships for 10 and 11 year old players which is sponsored by Anglian Home Improvements.

2013 Nottingham Open - Entry List

On Sunday 9 June Nottinghamshire Judo will be holding the 2013 Nottingham Open at the Nottingham Wildcats Arena, Greenwood Road, Nottingham NG3 7EB.

We will be using the current BJA competition rules and not the new IJF rules that are currently being tested at International Events. Please ensure that all competitors bring along their judo licence and record book and that they are in date.

Refreshments will be available throughout the day and will be reasonably priced.

Photography Company 'I'm Famous' will be covering the event, a free team photograph will be available for all clubs taking part.

    • Everyone can have their image taken for FREE
    • Club photos & Group Participant photos also available!
    • Images are superimposed against a range of dynamic backgrounds, personalised to you and the event
    • You can view your creative images on the monitors for FREE
    • Range of graphic images & personalised gifts available on the day!
    • Everything assembled, personalised, printed & produced in under 5 minutes !
    • No obligation to buy
    • Creative images are saved and displayed on the I'm Famous web 'Gallery'
    • Additional photos and personalised products also available to order online after event from www.imfamous.co.uk

If you have any questions please email events@nottsjudo.org.uk or call Paul on 0700 349 6051.

Please find below the full entry list.

Zak Bellamy Lincoln JA BA-24
Stephen Cooper Lincoln JA BA-24
Kieran Jackson Kettering Premier JC BA-24
Matthew Jones Hillsborough JC BA-24
Rhys Blackband Shirebrook JC BJC BA-27
Devon Fletcher Glanford Kodokan JC BA-27
Oliver Hall Penistone JC BA-27
Ruben Lord Pinewood JC BA-27
Connor Tait Cobra JC BA-27
Billy Webster Penistone JC BA-27
Jay Bennett Pinewood JC BA-30
Ian Bourne Lincoln JA BA-30
Rowan Bowers Foxhills JC BA-30
Matthew Dalby Hillsborough JC BA-30
Joe Holmes Leicester BJC BA-30
Jamie Horsnell Foxhills JC BA-30
Sebastian John Falcon Judo BA-30
Ben Jones Hillsborough JC BA-30
Connor Lewis Foxhills JC BA-30
Cian Maris Hillsborough JC BA-30
Wade Muttitt Pinewood JC BA-30
Jimi Oliver Leicester BJC BA-30
Ben Raspin Goole JC BA-30
Jasper Van Den Nouland Foxhills JC BA-30
Laurence Andrews Penistone JC BA-34
Ryan Doyle Vale JC BA-34
Ben Eastwood Thornaby Pavilion JC BA-34
Callum Fletcher Samurai JC BA-34
Ewan Hull Kettering Premier JC BA-34
David Jones Hillsborough JC BA-34
Oliver Percival Foxhills JC BA-34
Samuel Raspin Goole JC BA-34
Robert Turner Friary JC BA-34
Rory Tyrrell Kettering Premier JC BA-34
Charlie Young Ryecroft JK BA-34
Charlie Creaney Kettering Premier JC BA-38
Reece Flowers-Lane Ryecroft JK BA-38
Daniel Goodwin Lincoln JA BA-38
Stanley Harris Shirebrook JC BJC BA-38
Jamie Higginbotham Friary JC BA-38
Isaac Hopkin Fisher Shirebrook JC BJC BA-38
Sam Horsnell Foxhills JC BA-38
Robert Joyce Lincoln JA BA-38
Elliott Oates Hillsborough JC BA-38
Ethan Ward Cobra JC BA-38
Jack Whincup-Cope Friary JC BA-38
Brandon Allsebrook Cobra JC BA-42
Tobin Bowers Foxhills JC BA-42
Aaron Bradley Shirebrook JC BJC BA-42
Ashton Dale Glanford Kodokan JC BA-42
Jack Delahunty Newbury JC BA-42
Bolderdene Oyunerdene Ryecroft JK BA-42
Luke Summers Akitas Rayleigh JC BA-42
Lewis Wheelwright Leicester BJC BA-42
Dominic Woolvine Coventry JC BA-42
Kallam Nahoor Erdington JC BA-46
Rory Southgate Black Dog JC BA-46
Charlie Hardy Friary JC BA-50
Edward Measures Penistone JC BA-50
Adam Sargent Hillsborough JC BA+50
Nathan Gallacher Samurai JC BB-34
Tommy Palfreyman Samurai JC BB-38
James Reseigh Vale JC BB-34
Vincent Van Den Nouland Foxhills JC BB-34
Declan Whyte Pinewood JC BB-38
Connor Wiltshire New Star Bristol JC BB-38
Edward Cooper Lincoln JA BB-42
Ross Molloy Penistone JC BB-42
Harry Tredaway Coventry JC BB-42
Bradley Chick Newbury JC BB-46
Joshua Giles Coventry JC BB-46
Miles Houghton Kettering Premier JC BB-46
Joseph Lincoln Lincoln JA BB-46
Lachlan Moorhead Penistone JC BB-46
Matthew Simpson Gateshead JC BB-46
Jamie Spencer-Pickup Ryecroft JK BB-46
Cyrus Clarke Hilltop JK BB-50
Jack Hopewell Cobra JC BB-50
Marek Masiar St Michaels JC BB-50
Mark McCall Leicester BJC BB-50
Ryan Bellamy Lincoln JA BB-55
Jacob Corthorn West Lincoln JA BB-55
Ryan Donson Mercia JC BB-55
Thomas Gleadell Ryecroft JK BB-55
Thomas Huckstep Pinewood JC BB-55
Patrick License Ryecroft JK BB-55
Joshua Lloyd Ryecroft JK BB-55
Finlay Ombler Glanford Kodokan JC BB-55
Archie Whitehouse Friary JC BB-55
Andrew Calloway Samurai JC BB-60
Lukas Dziemba Coventry JC BB-60
Atkinson Jack Cardiff JC BB-60
James Wall Ryecroft JK BB-60
Elias Clarke Hilltop JK BB-66
Cameron Harvey Akitas Rayleigh JC BB-66
Adem Jammali Ryecroft JK BB-66
Artjoms Jurkjans Lincoln JA BB-66
Harvey Penfold Ryecroft JK BB-66
Owen Thomas Friary JC BB-66
William Von Mallinckrodt Pinewood JC BB-66
Daniel Bennett Vale JC BB+66
Matthew Boyce Melbourn JC BB+66
Alan England New Star Bristol JC BB+66
Geraint Jones Leicester BJC BB+66
Daniel Mair Marshalwick JC BB+66
Greg Naptin Solihull JC BB+66
Ben Paddock Mercia JC BB+66
Ben Skelton Retford JC BB+66
Callum Southgate Black Dog JC BB+66
Jack Upton St Michaels JC BB+66
Leslie Hindle New Cross JC GA-28
Eden Southgate Black Dog JC GA-28
Niamh Southgate Black Dog JC GA-28
Louise Turner Friary JC GA-32
Chloe Briggs Glanford Kodokan JC GA-36
Saffron Cranston Glossop JC GA-36
Mollie Mellors Long Eaton JC GA-36
Samantha Sharrocks Shirebrook JC BJC GA-36
Ruby Williams Lincoln JA GA-36
Mikaela Edwards Lincoln JA GA-40
Lucy Raspin Goole JC GA-40
Holly Spence Shirebrook JC BJC GA-40
Arina Bagautdinova Kettering Premier JC GA-52
Dina Parcell Melbourn JC GA-52
Jessica Jesus St Michaels JC GB-32
Viktoria Nagy Cherry JC GB-36
Holly Eccles Pinewood JC GB-40
Lauren Fletcher Samurai JC GB-40
Grace Mckiernan Ryecroft JK GB-40
Lucy Paton Ryecroft JK GB-42
Emma Philip Vale JC GB-44
Aoife Prosser Bishop Challoner JC GB-44
Yasmin Javadian Coventry JC GB-48
Jessica Bayley Ryecroft JK GB-52
Bryony Griffiths Samurai JC GB-52
Sofia Palmer Vale JC GB-52
Kymran Shergill Pinewood JC GB-52
Niamh Whyte Pinewood JC GB-52
Eleanor Arnull Samurai JC GB-57
Emily Clark Glanford Kodokan JC GB-57
Alex Cutforth Vale JC GB-57
Rebekah Hobby Samurai JC GB-57
Kyra-Mae Leighton Ryecroft JK GB-57
Amy Baker Glanford Kodokan JC GB-63
Clemence Barnes Vale JC GB-63
Megan Twigg Kettering Premier JC GB-63
Paige Wilkes Bishop Challoner JC GB-63
Rachel Hall Worcester JC 83 GB+63
Elin Lloyd Wolverhampton JC GB+63
Alice Skelton Retford JC GB+63
Georgina Tomlinson Retford JC GB+63
Thomas Clark Lincoln JA MC-60
Peter Large Hillsborough JC MC-66
Connah Anders Worcester JC 83 MC-73
Liam Birkett Uni Nottingham JC MC-73
Simon Oates Hillsborough JC MC-73
Sameer Shinh North Birmingham JC MC-73
Ben Mitchell Hull JC MC-81
Serik Myrzayev Uni Nottingham JC MC-81
Stuart Harvey Leicester BJC MC-90
Steven Kitagawa Hillsborough JC MC-90
Richard Woollett Retford JC MC-90
Adrian Endean Wolverhampton JC MC+90
Gary Lester Ryecroft JK MC+90
David Le-Sueur Daventry JC MC+90
Peter Millard Barnsley JC MC+90
Tim Watts Wolverhampton JC MC+90
Jack Dreher Ryecroft JK MD-66
Mark Haslehurst Shirebrook JC BJC MD-66
Adam Hill Ryecroft JK MD-66
Andrew Megarry Uni Nottingham JC MD-66
Fraser White Cheltenham Ymca JC MD-66
Arunas Beliukevicius Cobra JC MD-73
Thomas Booth East Yorkshire JA MD-73
Alex Bucknall Daventry JC MD-73
Andrew Denton Uni Sheffield JC MD-73
Ross Fellows Friary JC MD-73
Tigran Galstian Ryecroft JK MD-73
Josh Kinnear Sanshirokwai MD-73
Christopher Singarajah Uni Nottingham JC MD-73
Denis Smith Uni Nottingham JC MD-73
Thomas Birkett Bolton JK MD-81
Garry Keay Gateshead JC MD-81
Adrian Leibert Ryecroft JK MD-81
Aaron Little Solihull JC MD-81
Rhys Pritchard Sanshirokwai MD-81
Andrew Epton Alfreton JC MD-90
Justin Levison Daventry JC MD-90
Graham Owens East Yorkshire JA MD-90
Richard Peace Wolverhampton JC MD-90
Ben Thomas Cherry JC MD-90
Peter Wharton Uni Nottingham JC MD-90
Anthony Brown Rainbow JC MD+90
Daniel Fox Cherry JC MD+90
Ben Fox Cherry JC MD+90
Dave Ombler Glanford Kodokan JC MD+90
Ellis Wilkes Bishop Challoner JC MD+90
Megan Douglas Uni Nottingham JC WC-63
Elizabeth Johnson Uni Nottingham JC WC-63
Clare Martin Uni Nottingham JC WC-63
Natalie Pickwell Uni Nottingham JC WC-63
Dominique Tallentire Ryecroft JK WC-63
Danielle Bynoe Kodokan JC WC+63
Rachel Rovnick Uni Nottingham JC WC+63
Sarah Dunderdale Glanford Kodokan JC WD-63
Chelsie Giles Coventry JC WD-63
Georgia Horth Uni Nottingham JC WD-63
Emily Chruscikowski Uni Nottingham JC WD+63
Erica-Jane Deighton Glanford Kodokan JC WD+63
Imogen Morland Coventry JC WD+63
Emma Weir Daventry JC WD+63

Posted: 04-06-2013

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