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Nottinghamshire County Events

All entry forms and information sheets on this calendar are in Adobe PDF format. For a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader please visit www.adobe.com.

Sun 24 Sep 2017 Nottingham Mini-Mon & Mini-Kyu Championships - September 2017
A: Minors and Pre-Cadets White, Red and Yellow Belts (players aged 8-13 years) Boys -24kg -27kg -30kg -34kg -38kg -42kg -46kg -50kg Girls -25kg -28kg -32kg -36kg -40kg -44kg -48kg C: Cadets Mon & Kyu Grades Orange & Below (players aged 14-17) D: Senior Kyu Grades Orange & Below (players aged 18+)
Email:  enquiries@nottsjudo.org.uk
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Sun 15 Oct 2017 Nottingham Charity Red Belt Rumble
All competitors must be aged 8 years to 13 years on the day of the event and hold current BJA membership or equivalent. All competitors must wear a white judogi. All competitors must be graded Novice – 3 Mon, competitors aged 9 and over must have completed a grading examination within the last 9 months (applies to novices if licence held over 6 months).
Email:  events@nottsjudo.org.uk
Sun 26 Nov 2017 Nottingham Judo Festival and Senior Kyu Open
All competitors must hold a valid BJA, BJC or AJA licence and must present this when booking in on the day of the event. All competitors must wear a white judogi. Judo Festival – Players aged 6-7 years. Senior Kyu Open – Players aged 14 years and over. Mon grades should enter the equivalent senior colour grade for that section. Those holding non-BJA grades should not hold grades above the colours stated. Points Scoring for Senior 1st Kyu players.
Email:  events@nottsjudo.org.uk

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